10 things to consider while buying School ERP

Whenever we purchase software be it for our single PC that is for personal use or for the enterprise there are certain common and some unique aspects of solution need to be identify

In case of a school ERP is also a software phenomena is applicable let’s see 10 things we need to consider while buying an school ERP for our organisation


2. Future scope

3. Usability

4. Support after sale and bags

5. Customisation

6. Price

7. Running cost of infrastructure

8. Integrated system

9. Device friendly


Let’s elaborate this point in detail below

1. Features

Any software has a core propose all created to solve specific problem likewise school ERP  need to solve some of the core  issues/ problem for which it is actually created for some of the must have

Features of school ERP are

a. Admission management

b. Library management

c. Faculty and staff management

d. Erpenses management

e. Fees management

f. Attendance management

g. Creation of reports

h. Transparent management

2. Future scope of school ERP


Product brought today may not be valuable all applicable tomorrow therefore while considering School ERP we need to check for its future scope that is should be easy to modify or in other words the vender  should be able to modify/implement The violation with the latest technology and with the present applicable futures

This point also includes the consideration of new futures which may come handy in future

3. Usability

Some of the great software failed is due to their non user friendly Interface UI come a long way with the technology explosion around us. UI is now considered to the one of most important part of any software make sure when you purchase the school ERP before finalising have a demo for it and ask the vendor after test runs

4. After sales and AMC

Vender assessment is another important aspect we need to consider while choosing our school ERP. Lookout for there AMC constraints carefully and make sure you get maximum from it. After completion of implementation process there will be issues yet there will always be one or another problems that may not be time to software a  hardware new software update or security date or any other unplanned issue may occurs make sure your vender is able to help you out during such circumstances and do it as soon as possible.

5. Customisation

All organisation work differently at least there value system and processor differ in some way  make sure you get your school ERP customized to your need so that your existing process matches with it

6. Price

Cost of school ERP around in  are very high as they are robust systems many features when you plan to buy one make sure you get best out of it optimum price

7. Running cost

The AMC contract and  the server cost are the two major which covers most of the running cost of your school ERP you can buy a server for 10000/pm or a server for 1000/pm it depends on your organisation in the school ERP software requirement. Always try to recommended minimum hosting option to cover-up some of the usability of a software in future.

8. Integrated system


Value Chain and marketing advertisement  accounting etc are all different systems when selecting your school ERP make sure seat covers all the system integratively  and provide better reporting accordingly

9. Device friendly

Sometime you may be travelling and you may require to login and check internet check things in school ERP not have laptop/computer with you so you use your phone and doing  you are unable to use things properly so this scenario is likely to avoid such painful experiments make sure your vendor give you mobile friendly solution in other technical terms responsive application

10. Online

This point doesn’t require explanation. To make it clear through your school ERP should be an online application to a certain area and may not be accessible. Again it depends if you want to restrict it to a certain area only that is within your organisation that you can

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