Student Management System

Student management system help to store , manage the information of each student including uploading of photograph and identity proof documents in the database.

Student Management system includes systematically arranged database such as Enquiry, New Admissions, uploading the documents, individual fees ledger, Exam reports .

A school system uses a large amount of data. This data must be communicated appropriately to students, faculty, and parents.

Faculty Management system.

Faculty Management system helps to manage the details of faculty, lectures, sessions, salary details. We provide faculty portal which helps to apply leave, assigning homework and to send the notifications to the parent and students.

Fees Management System


Fees Management System helps to create and schedule the fee structure for entire class, which will be applicable for all the student of that particular class. You can create fee structure with multiple fee heads like tuition fee, admission fee, annual expenditure etc. You may divide yearly fees in to the instalments, our software will divide it equally in to the number of instalments based on the details added, you can schedule last date of each instalment and concessions, additional fee, late fee and waiver can also be added while generating the fee receipt. It has simple, systematic and user-friendly work flow. Fees management is very crucial module in the school management system which can be vary for all the institutions, as per the requirements we have to make the customizations.

All the history of instalments, pending and balance amount is stored in the individual students ledger, you can generate the overall monthly yearly or date wise reports of fees collections and pending amount.

Attendance Management System

There are two type of attendance first one is staff attendance by biometric and student attendance by RFID. In biometric device the data store the details of the faculty with their appropriate finger impressions and link the biometric id to the faculty. Every staff should punch their appropriate finger impressions at the time of in and out.

The working hours can be customised based on requirement, grace time for late coming, grace time for early going, in time and out time of faculty, weekly off, holidays etc. After submitting these information attendance rule will be applied to faculty attendance and we can easily track their overall attendance performance and number of present days, absent days and half days. Later we can use this reports in payroll management.

In the student attendance system we provide one RFID card to each student which will be linked to the RFID device, student required to show issued RFID card to attendance collection device. We require to define attendance rule similar to faculty attendance rules the only difference will be there won’t be any half day, only time in and time out and grace time will be added in the attendance rule. After applying the rule if any student is getting absent after the grace time, parent of that student will get an absent notification immediately.

Expense Management system

Expense Management system help to keep the record of all the expenses in which we can create expenses with the bill number against various departments and expense head. Expense report will be generated monthly yearly or date wise against the department and expense heads.


Notification can be sent in the form of online or offline. Offline notification includes SMS which can be sent to the students, parents and faculty.

you may either send an SMS to all the parents of all classes or You may send the SMS to multiple parents or all parent of any particular class. You can also make templates to send the SMS.

Online notification includes Emails, You may send an Email to all the parents, all the staff or multiple parents or all parents of any particular class as per the requirement, Email template can be defined for holidays or events.

Automatic SMS and email will be sent to the parents admin and accountants after the new enquiry, new admission and payments etc.


There can be many types of reports like staff attendance report , student attendance reports, faculty attendance reports , fees reports and exam reports

Monthly attendance reports can be generated for both students and faculty, faculty attendance report is very important for payroll management system, salaries will be calculated according to the reports, student attendance report can be displayed along with the exam reports, it will be helpful to track the student present percentage and absent days of the individual student.

Fees report is very important to track the fees collected, pending fees and balance amount as you may generate monthly, yearly or date wise report of entire school. Class wise fees report can also be generated.

Access level Control

In the data base usually user can do four things that is Create, Read, Edit or Update and Delete. A user can create or add the data in the software in various module such as he can create new student , create fee structure , schedule the fees , create the expenses etc. He can read the data created, he can edit the same or delete it as per the requirement.

Admin can create the multiple user and he can allow or disallow them to create , read , edit or delete the data as per his convenience. There can be various user, every user has different rolls, as per their rolls and requirements an admin can allow or disallow any module or events to any user.

Admin can change the password of any user or he can deactivate user.

Transport Management

Transport management includes transport fees, vehicle details, drivers details, vehicle maintenance expenses.

Transport fee structure is defined as per the distance, you have to link it to every student who is taking school transport facility, appropriate amount will be applied to each student later that can be converted in to the instalments.

Vehicle details will be added into the database, drivers details with their driving license and other documents will be stored .

You can maintain vehicle maintenance expenses in Expense module with different expenses head and generate the reports respectively.

Vehicle Tracking system

RFID and GPS device will be installed in the school bus, by that you can track the position of vehicle and track the route and movement of the vehicle.

Process of logo designing and how to avoid issues

In today’s fast-paced market every entity we eat MNC company or small startup need to brand themselves very carefully. The world has changed, branding is more important than ever. Logo is considered to be the face of brand. A carefully crafted logo can help brand in lot many ways likewise loosely designed logo can hurt brand deeply.

Logo designing is the hardest and the most creative part of graphic designing market. Different designer follow different processes of logo designing. What stating here is the process I follow on receipt of logo designing project. This process maybe the same one you follow or different approach that you like. You can always comment and share experience.

Before starting let be clear that logo designing is an art therefore eA designer look at things differently.

Process of logo designing

Information gathering

This is the most important part of logo designing. Collect the information of organization, their likes, dislikes, do’s and don’t, and the future objectives.


Based on the information collected from client do some research on competitor, audience, future scope and usage of the logo. Logo design for android application may differ from logo design for clothing company

Mood board creation

Logo designing require lots of inspiration and ideas mood board creation is considered to be one of the best way of collecting inspiration and ideas. Sometimes you need to walk out look around and get inspired from things that you see.


Brainstorming helps you get closer to the idea of logo. Note down all the ideas or words related to logo requirement. the more you brainstorm with different words logo plan will get clearer with each you add India brainstorming process. My design ideas are clear with this step.

Choice of colour

Colour impact a lot carefully choose colour and design the logo make sure to follow the value system of your client and the audience.


Draw logo on paper, make sure you have enough inspirations on paper before starting on computer. Drawing on paper will help you understand what to be design and what not to be design. When you are done designing on paper use tracing paper to improvise and rectify the logo.

Start on Computer

Take the final design scan it and use the soft copy in computer. There are many software which will help you  design your logo but remember the inspiration and the idea will remain with you. Software are just tools to help you craft what you have. Some of the popular software are adobe Illustrator, corelDRAW and affinity designer. Used software whichever you are familiar with.

3 Sample

Make sure you send at least 3 samples to your client so that he has choices to make. When you send one design the client has only 2 answers that is yes or no. But when you send 3 samples the client we have to make a choice out of this 3.

Review and modify

Design from client and take the feedback sportively implement it and follow up till its done.

Types of files to send

Always give your client vector as well as image files including pDF, ePS, jPG, svg and pNG. Black and white version along with colour vision is always better.

This is the process that I follow, you may follow a different process. Let me know your experience and anything that you need me to improve on thank you.

Tools for Good Designer


To be a good designer no doubt creativity is a primary requirement but apart from this creative skills you will require additional tools to portrait your creative concepts in better way.

Following are the Tools require for smooth Graphic Designer career:

  • A Good Computer:

With the technological revolution the computer and their respective peripherals have become less costly. Many computer companies has introduced different models for respective user segments. A computer design for students may not work effectively for a businessman, likewise the needs and requirements of designer is unique. As a designer you can get assembled computer in market starting from 35000/- .

Below are the minimum requirement that you need to consider while planning a purchase.

  1. 8 Gb RAM Minimum
  2. 1 Gb Graphic Card
  3. Minimum Intel Core i3 processor
  4. 15.6” HD screen
  • Creative software:

This is true that creative work doesn’t depend on any particular software. You can design a good poster even with pen and paper.

Below mentioned software will help you to speed up your work flow and help you to make your design process less time consuming. There are many creative software available that i personally suggest to try all of those which are mentioned below as some are free some are trail based and some are licensed at very less cost.

  1. Adobe Illustrator: Vector Based Software (industrial standard and most recommended)
  2. Adobe Photoshop: Raster Based Software
  3. Serif Affinity Express: Vector Graphics Software at almost negligible cost & very good software.
  4. CorelDraw: Vector Based Software
  5. Inkscape: Vector Based Software
  • Tablet to draw things better:

A graphic tab (also known as a digitizer, drawing tablet, drawing pad, digital drawing tablet, pen tablet, or digital art board) is a computer input device that enables a user to hand-draw images, animations and graphics, with a special pen-like stylus, similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper.

These tablets may also be used to capture data or handwritten signatures. It can also be used to trace an image from a piece of paper which is taped or otherwise secured to the tablet surface. Capturing data in this way, by tracing or entering the corners of linear poly-lines or shapes, is called digitizing.

  • Printer

You invest a huge amount of effort, time and resources in getting your designs right. So the last thing you want is for them to come back from the printers looking like a blurry, incoherent mess.

The best inkjet, laser and all-in-one printers for creative, but if you’ve spent your career to date focused on digital-only design, you may be unsure about what to do when sending a design to print. So in this post we round up five fundamental things you need to know, with some links for extra reading to expand your knowledge further.

  • Additional Things:

Drawing book:

Drawing with pencils has become a bit of a lost art in recent times, but it’s more alive and vibrant than ever. Her exercises encourage readers to try their hand at drawing and creating in colored pencil, even suggesting hard or soft tips for different effects.


It’s time to stop accusing the Internet of being an obstacle to creativity. Used properly, it can massively enhance your creativity in all areas of work and life. Here we’ll show you how to make that happen.

In an essay series on Creator Culture, Guardian columnist Damien Walters wrote,

“It is our longing to create that is our deepest drive, and the one that makes us the most human. We ignore it at our own cost”.

Tracing Papers:

Not everyone has the money to get a light box and not everyone is a student with access to a light box. That’s why the world invented tracing paper. I do as many revisions on tracing paper as I need to get something I’m happy with.

10 things to consider while buying School ERP

Whenever we purchase software be it for our single PC that is for personal use or for the enterprise there are certain common and some unique aspects of solution need to be identify

In case of a school ERP is also a software phenomena is applicable let’s see 10 things we need to consider while buying an school ERP for our organisation


2. Future scope

3. Usability

4. Support after sale and bags

5. Customisation

6. Price

7. Running cost of infrastructure

8. Integrated system

9. Device friendly


Let’s elaborate this point in detail below

1. Features

Any software has a core propose all created to solve specific problem likewise school ERP  need to solve some of the core  issues/ problem for which it is actually created for some of the must have

Features of school ERP are

a. Admission management

b. Library management

c. Faculty and staff management

d. Erpenses management

e. Fees management

f. Attendance management

g. Creation of reports

h. Transparent management

2. Future scope of school ERP


Product brought today may not be valuable all applicable tomorrow therefore while considering School ERP we need to check for its future scope that is should be easy to modify or in other words the vender  should be able to modify/implement The violation with the latest technology and with the present applicable futures

This point also includes the consideration of new futures which may come handy in future

3. Usability

Some of the great software failed is due to their non user friendly Interface UI come a long way with the technology explosion around us. UI is now considered to the one of most important part of any software make sure when you purchase the school ERP before finalising have a demo for it and ask the vendor after test runs

4. After sales and AMC

Vender assessment is another important aspect we need to consider while choosing our school ERP. Lookout for there AMC constraints carefully and make sure you get maximum from it. After completion of implementation process there will be issues yet there will always be one or another problems that may not be time to software a  hardware new software update or security date or any other unplanned issue may occurs make sure your vender is able to help you out during such circumstances and do it as soon as possible.

5. Customisation

All organisation work differently at least there value system and processor differ in some way  make sure you get your school ERP customized to your need so that your existing process matches with it

6. Price

Cost of school ERP around in  are very high as they are robust systems many features when you plan to buy one make sure you get best out of it optimum price

7. Running cost

The AMC contract and  the server cost are the two major which covers most of the running cost of your school ERP you can buy a server for 10000/pm or a server for 1000/pm it depends on your organisation in the school ERP software requirement. Always try to recommended minimum hosting option to cover-up some of the usability of a software in future.

8. Integrated system


Value Chain and marketing advertisement  accounting etc are all different systems when selecting your school ERP make sure seat covers all the system integratively  and provide better reporting accordingly

9. Device friendly

Sometime you may be travelling and you may require to login and check internet check things in school ERP not have laptop/computer with you so you use your phone and doing  you are unable to use things properly so this scenario is likely to avoid such painful experiments make sure your vendor give you mobile friendly solution in other technical terms responsive application

10. Online

This point doesn’t require explanation. To make it clear through your school ERP should be an online application to a certain area and may not be accessible. Again it depends if you want to restrict it to a certain area only that is within your organisation that you can

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