Process of logo designing and how to avoid issues

In today’s fast-paced market every entity we eat MNC company or small startup need to brand themselves very carefully. The world has changed, branding is more important than ever. Logo is considered to be the face of brand. A carefully crafted logo can help brand in lot many ways likewise loosely designed logo can hurt brand deeply.

Logo designing is the hardest and the most creative part of graphic designing market. Different designer follow different processes of logo designing. What stating here is the process I follow on receipt of logo designing project. This process maybe the same one you follow or different approach that you like. You can always comment and share experience.

Before starting let be clear that logo designing is an art therefore eA designer look at things differently.

Process of logo designing

Information gathering

This is the most important part of logo designing. Collect the information of organization, their likes, dislikes, do’s and don’t, and the future objectives.


Based on the information collected from client do some research on competitor, audience, future scope and usage of the logo. Logo design for android application may differ from logo design for clothing company

Mood board creation

Logo designing require lots of inspiration and ideas mood board creation is considered to be one of the best way of collecting inspiration and ideas. Sometimes you need to walk out look around and get inspired from things that you see.


Brainstorming helps you get closer to the idea of logo. Note down all the ideas or words related to logo requirement. the more you brainstorm with different words logo plan will get clearer with each you add India brainstorming process. My design ideas are clear with this step.

Choice of colour

Colour impact a lot carefully choose colour and design the logo make sure to follow the value system of your client and the audience.


Draw logo on paper, make sure you have enough inspirations on paper before starting on computer. Drawing on paper will help you understand what to be design and what not to be design. When you are done designing on paper use tracing paper to improvise and rectify the logo.

Start on Computer

Take the final design scan it and use the soft copy in computer. There are many software which will help you  design your logo but remember the inspiration and the idea will remain with you. Software are just tools to help you craft what you have. Some of the popular software are adobe Illustrator, corelDRAW and affinity designer. Used software whichever you are familiar with.

3 Sample

Make sure you send at least 3 samples to your client so that he has choices to make. When you send one design the client has only 2 answers that is yes or no. But when you send 3 samples the client we have to make a choice out of this 3.

Review and modify

Design from client and take the feedback sportively implement it and follow up till its done.

Types of files to send

Always give your client vector as well as image files including pDF, ePS, jPG, svg and pNG. Black and white version along with colour vision is always better.

This is the process that I follow, you may follow a different process. Let me know your experience and anything that you need me to improve on thank you.